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Online training allows you to quickly learn how to reliably make astral projection easy wherever you are.

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Learn both the theory of astral projection and then follow the expert training videos. This will guide you step by step through the process.

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All advanced beings are expert at astral projection. They taught us how to make it easy, so that we can pass their insights on to you.

A Comprehensive Understanding Of Astral Projection Makes It Easy To Learn

Most people who have reached this page have spent a lot of time trying to get astral projection to work reliably. Many of them will have reached the point of believing that it's nearly impossible. Fortunately, most difficulties are easily overcome by understanding what you are doing. So why not save a lot of time and hassle, by learning from the experts.

Lets start with some basic understandings.

What Is Astral Projection ?

Consciousness, your centre of awareness, which is typically hovering just behind the human eyes in the brain. Astral Projection is being conscious and aware, whilst not centred in the brain of your human form. A simple example would be remote viewing, where you can sense and see things even at a great distance, with a vantage point outside your human form. Astral Projection is simply being aware of, and observing places, often far away from where you human body is situated. It also allows your consciousness, to transcend dimensions, space, and time.

Heavy Astral Projection

Most of the people who visit this website have experiences ‘Heavy’ Astral Projection. This typically occurs where you find yourself floating around your bedroom whist your body is asleep. This is a normal side-effect of the fact that your spirit body always partially detaches from the physical one during sleep. Whilst you are at the margins of, and can even exit from the physical world, you probably won’t go far. This is because much of your intellect will also normally be asleep. Unless you know how to break out of it, this low level form of Astral Projection rarely gives you contact with Guiding Spirits or Angelic beings, etc. To go further afield, you need to turn a heavy projection into a lighter one.

Light Astral Projection

This works best when your physical body is awake, but stationary. Heavy Astral Projection requires keeping your mind awake whist your body went to sleep, which is not easy and for the majority of people an unreliable approach. With ‘Light’ Astral Projection, you only need enter a higher energy state and you have access to the Astral World. So it works best when your body is awake and alert. Light Astral Projection gives you easy access to the heavens, other worlds and dimensions. The training McCready & Associates provide enables you to switch into a higher energy state where this becomes easily possible.

Higher Energy State – The Basics

You are already in the Astral World, because you are experiencing a duality; both experiencing the Earht Plane (deliberate spelling) and the very low Astral World. But as there is not a lot to easily notice in the very low Astral World, you won̢۪t spot that you are already there. If you simply breathe properly and let your energy system flow, you will rise up in the Astral World where things are brighter and easier to observe. When you breathe properly your energy system flows nicely and you enter a higher state which includes being clairvoyant.

How To Astrally See ?

At the physical level, your human brain interprets the electro chemical signals from your human form̢۪s eyes and converts them into 3D colour images. The brain sees things by imagining them based on whatever these nerve signals. To see the Astral World simply requires reprogramming your human mind to sense Astral Energies. When your brain senses these energies, it can also see them. You could compare this to seeing something by touching it. Whereas, only imaging something does not involve touching anything much. Hence, it is easy to tell the difference between Astral Vision (clairvoyance) and imagination, because imagination typically has almost no substance.

The Lucid Dream Worlds

Many people's early experiences of Astral Projection involves entering a dream like state which they are consciously able to control the environment they find themselves in. This normally involves a Heavy Astral Projection, with some loss of intellectual ability. Meaning that, for example, you will easily get lost in the lucid dream, and end up in a regular dream. Lucid dream worlds are very low level mini-astral worlds that you are creating.One comparative advantage of Light Astral Projection, is that you can project with a good intellectual capacity, and instantly transcend these low level astral mini-worlds.

How We Make Astral Projection Easy For You

The science of chemistry used to be known as ‘alchemy’, because people thought there was some sort of magic involved. Similarly, making Astral Projection easy involves little more than learning and applying a few simple scientific principles. Once you learn the basic principles and techniques, it is indeed easy. Leaning Astral Projection is really not that different to learning to drive a car or automobile. Your human body is really an engineered vehicle which is allowing you to experience the Earht Plane. We show you how to allow the body to relax its grip over your consciousness and hence you can easily visit other places.

Why Learn Astral Projection ?

The question is similar to asking what the advantages of a child learning to walk are. In essence, it improves your ability to get around and do wonderful things. At a low level you can see human auras and sense people̢۪s thoughts. At higher levels you have access to Guiding Spirits and your deceased relatives. Similarly you can observe the forces driving your human form̢۪s destiny.

Practice – And it Becomes Easy

Your next step involves no more that physically practicing. The McCready & Associates team will guide you in what to do and progress will be rapid.

Advanced Training

The fundamental difficulty with most traditional ‘western’ Astral Projection training is that your human teacher is rarely if ever projecting with you. The result is like learning to fly a plane whilst the instructor attempts to direct you from an underground bunker; i.e. can’t see where you are and what you are doing.

You need your instructor right beside you flying with you, seeing what you see, pointing out what you are missing, and most importantly correcting your beginner̢۪s mistakes.

McCready & Associates are experts in joint projection training techniques which deliver rapid results by making it easy.