Spiritual Development Training

UpGrading Ordinary Looking People With Extraordinary Skills


> Astral Projection Made Easy

  • Travel to other dimensions and meet your spirit friends.
  • Good practical solutions to the major difficulties you may have encountered.
  • Work with guiding spirits and deceased relatives who wish to assist you.
  • See and communicate with the 'real you'.
  • Discover why you decided to create the human life you are now experiencing.
  • Discover how to positively harness the challenges the real you has created.
  • Switch on clairvoyant astral vision.


> Psychic Mind APP

  • Easily see auras and energies.
  • Sense what other people are thinking.
  • Sense what your guides want to communicate.
  • Sense the future and your destiny.
  • Breathe properly so that your body is healthy and lean.
  • Learn how to easily switch on higher awareness.
  • Perceive the duality of the physical world and the energetic world driving the physical one.
  • Notice and dissipate apparent energetic blockages.


> ACCESS -Technology

  • Experience how you are actually a light being that is powering an apparently physical body.
  • Download practical abilities and skills from expert spirit guides into that body.
  • Channel wisdom and knowledge from the expert spirit guides into that body.
  • Help the body enjoy significantly increased confidence and inner-stability.
  • Enabling the body to embrace greater ability and clear obstructing blockages.
  • Upgrading the body into a dynamic platform that you the higher light being can easily direct.

Take Control Of Your Destiny

What you will generally perceive as you (the human being) is actually an amazingly real engineered experience full of compelling dramas and adventures.

Human destiny is controlled by forces created by the real and higher version of you.

By comparison, the body is not really in control, but just providing the experience of what you have created.

Making significant changes to your Earth life requires discovering what the real you wanted to experience.

This can only be done if you have access to the Astral World where these creative forces originate.


"I originally consulted David to get some Healing. During the course of our work he showed me how to connect with the Astral World. This has been a life changing experience as I now have an easy connection to kind and loving guiding spirits. I have also made a new friend who I meet with on the Astral. We both have fun looking on and helping each other. Everyone should try learn this skill."
Wenda Ramsamy

"This is a really big breakthrough for me, Thanks David, Thanks Guides :-)"
Zoltan Miklos

"I was introduced to David 10 years ago and throughout the years he has been indispensable to me. He has helped me to understand not only matters of the heart and emotions when trying to understand myself and others but also explains how the world and universe works. The concepts he teaches are fascinating and mind opening. In this age of awakening David has helped me grow to be a better and better version of myself."
Joanne McKeage

The Way



1. Switch on your natural higher awareness abilities which include astral projection and clairvoyance.

2. Reconnect with the higher version of your real self who is primarily in control.

3. Get expert support from your team of guides.


  • Read our excellent books.
  • Download amazing training videos.
  • Get our expert 1-2-1 training.

You will succeed

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