The Great Simulator


Puts the relevant information you need in one place.

No nonsense approach to spiritual development.

Based on universal knowledge.

Explains the important facts in an easy to follow format.

Download the first part of it for Free.

You could probably read this book in one night, and miss the main point in the process.

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This book opens a connection with your higher awareness.

The secondary objective is to give you useful intellectual ideas. But the primary objective is to allow your human mind to download higher awareness. If you only read one page, and allowed your human mind to connect with your true self, that would be better than reading the whole book in a hurry.

As one reader put it:

"Much of what is written is not even on the page, but comes into your mind as you read.”

Try opening the book at any page and you will see this is true.

At a higher level this book was written by you. It acts as part of the wake up program you designed for your human form. It contains practical exercises that make a difference to your everyday life.

Spiritual development is often confused by ceremony and mysticism. This book contains none of that, it simply directs you to rediscover the greater reality for yourself.

You can do it and this book will help you.


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Wenda Ramsamy

" I originally consulted David to get some Healing. During the course of our work he showed me how to connect with the Astral World. This has been a life changing experience as I now have an easy connection to kind and loving guiding spirits. I have also made a new friend who I meet with on the Astral. We both have fun looking on and helping each other. Everyone should try learn this skill."

Wenda Ramsamy




Zoltan Miklos

"This is a really big breakthrough for me, Thanks David, Thanks Guides :-) "

Zoltan Miklos


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